Lansing Area Collaborative Practice Group


History. The LACPG was formed in November 2007 with three members. Currently, the group has approximately 7 active members, with about 14 local professionals trained in collaborative practice. On average, about 4 to 6 members typically attend meetings. Some of our group is composed of members who were trained early on in Michigan's foray into collaborative practice, when the Lansing area never really got a foothold in the movement. The other members have been more recently trained.

Organizational Structure. Our organizational structure is fairly loose and informal. The group is led by Natalie Alane, but beginning in February 2010, members will take turns leading the meetings in rotation. We recently established membership dues of $50 a year and are in the process of researching and establishing membership criteria to put into place. Our meetings are also loosely structured, but as we mature, we are gearing up for a more formal approach. We meet every third Tuesday at noon at Natalie Alane's offices.

Activities. The LACPG is in the planning stages of our first official activity, which is to host a breakfast for local MHPs to introduce them to collaborative practice. The breakfast will be held on January 29, 2010, and this will hopefully be the first of many public outreach and education efforts. This outreach was made possible by a grant from CPIM. Also, because Lansing is the hub of CPIM's training activities, LACPG members have taken a role in recruiting trainees by sending letters out to local judges, friends of the court, financial professionals, and mental health professionals inviting them to attend trainings.

Respectfully submitted,

Natalie Alane, liaison for the Lansing Area Collaborative Practice Group