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Blair M. Johnson

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Blair M. Johnson earned his law degree from Indiana University Maurer School of Law in 2010 and was admitted to the Michigan State Bar in 2011. Blair practices primarily in the area of family law (divorce, custody, support) and is trained in collaborative divorce and domestic relations mediation. He also handles driver license restoration and sex offender registration (SORA) cases, along with neglect and abuse proceedings and limited probate matters, such as adoptions and guardianships. As a collaborative attorney and certified family law mediator, Blair is a strong believer in the alternate dispute resolution (ADR) process and is a member of both the Family Law and Alternative Dispute Resolution Sections of the Michigan State Bar as well as a current CPIM board member.

Blair’s philosophy stems from a personal commitment to service through his upbringing in the Boy Scouts of America (Eagle Scout, 1995), his advocacy during law school for people experiencing homelessness (co-founder of the Shalom HELP Benefits Clinic in Bloomington, Indiana and former governing board member of the Bloomington Interfaith Winter Shelter, 2008-2010), and his dedication to those struggling with addiction. In this capacity, Blair formerly served on the State Bar of Michigan Lawyers and Judges Assistance (LJAP) Committee, is a current LJAP peer monitor for legal practitioners enrolled in the program, and sits on the Professional Advisory Board for the Coalition for a Useful Registry, an interdisciplinary organization committed to reforming the Michigan Sex Offender Registry (MSOR).

Blair is a self-described “counselor of the law,” an approach he developed at the Peter J. Johnson Law Office starting in 2003, when he practiced as a non-attorney representative for Social Security Disability and SSI claimants. Blair sees his principal role as an educator, providing legal knowledge based on practical experience so that his clients can make informed decisions about their lives. By focusing on interest-based – rather than rights-based – solutions, he assists clients in reaching outcomes that are tailored to their unique needs, affording them greater capacity to take ownership of settlements they reach so they can proceed more capably through a difficult transition period. Blair encourages his clients to adopt an interdisciplinary approach, with individual therapy and financial advising, if possible, so they can effectively address the emotional and economic impacts that come with every divorce or separation.