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Julie Quick, CFP®, BFA™, CDFA®

Cultivate Divorce Strategies
Financial Specialist
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When I was eight, my parents divorced. Money became tight and was often a source of conflict between my parents. Even at that young age, I understood the financial impact it had on Mom and Dad.

The financial insecurity I experienced as a child made financial planning a natural career fit for me. I love helping people use their financial resources in a way that helps them lead a life of meaning and fulfillment. But after witnessing, again, the wealth destructive effects of divorce for my clients I knew I needed to do much more - for them and their families.

As a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® professional, I’m uniquely qualified to educate people on the various financial implications of divorce. Also trained in Collaborative practice and mediation, I can help facilitate effective conversations between a divorcing couple to develop resolutions based on their respective interests and needs. Whether working with one or both parties, my goal is to help achieve the best possible outcome for the entire family.