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Katie Zuverink

Katie Zuverink Consulting, LLC
Mental Health Professional
5665 Dallas Parkway #150, Frisco, TX 75034
Phone: 616-334-6284

I empower families who are rearranging due to divorce, but who desperately want to move forward in a positive, kind, and optimistic way. I work with partners who are un-coupling, assisting them in communicating excellently, to ensure that all parties come out of the transition feeling confident and content in their new lives.

My clients often fit one of these profiles:

1) Parents who are committed to parenting well after the family is rearranged, but who are unsure of exactly how to get there

2) Partners who desire an ongoing positive relationship with each other after the separation or divorce

3) Spouses who aren’t sure they can make it through the divorce process with their sanity intact