Vision, Mission, Values


Collaborative practice transforms the culture of dispute resolution and becomes a mainstream process for problem solving.


We believe that collaborative practice offers attorneys, mediators, mental health and financial professionals and their clients a humane, respectful and effective way to resolve disputes.

Our goal is to develop and promote collaborative practice throughout Michigan through public education and training and support of professionals.


  • Preserving Relationships: We value and respect relationships and understand the issues clients bring to us arise in the context of ongoing relationships. We believe the problem resolution process should not work to destroy the relationship and instead, we should and assist to preserve to the greatest extent possible healthy relationships during the process.
  • Ethical Practice/Protect Integrity: We value and will follow the high ethical standards endorsed by CLIM to ensure that each team member provides services with the utmost integrity.
  • Building Collaborative Community: (1) We value respectful and transparent interaction between collaborative professionals; and, (2) We value educational, practice and emotional support for every collaborative professional.
  • Continuing Education/Ongoing Learning: (1) We value on-going education by our members to learn more sophisticated techniques for problem resolution; and, (2) We value members’ efforts to educate the general public about the advantages of collaborative practice.