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Washtenaw County Practice Group Details . . .

  1. Group History - I have been meeting with the Washtenaw County "POD" group since I took the Collaborative Practice training in May of 2005. The POD was formed a year earlier, following the first Collaborative Training in Michigan. Ann Arbor has a 30 year history of interdisciplinary work which developed from a mediation model. Most of those attending POD meetings were active participants in earlier variations of informal professional lunch groups.
  2. Form of entity - This group does not have a formal business structure - we meet informally in the board rooms of our members. Sub-committees are formed to carry out specific projects.
  3. Leadership Structure - We have a Chair who puts together an agenda and sends emails regarding dates of POD meetings and conferences.
  4. Composition of Professionals - Our group is made up of attorneys, mental health professionals, mediators and financial professionals. Attorneys make up the most members, followed by mental health professionals and then financial professionals (many also practice as mediators as well). Our members have been trained either in Collaborative Practice or Mediation. We are encouraging both trainings. Our group varies in attendance from meeting to meeting - we probably average 10 members per meeting (depending on the topic and schedules). [Example: 4 attorneys, 4 mental health, 2 financial]
  5. Meeting structure - A typical meeting is from 12:00 noon until 1:30 the fourth Monday of each month (with some exceptions). Members may bring a lunch. We try to get started by 12:15 or 12:30. We will go through our agenda. There is also time for practitioners to ask questions regarding cases they are working on.
  6. Membership expectation/criteria - Professional training in Collaborative Practice or Mediation, we encourage involvement.
  7. Dues Structure - we do not collect dues.
  8. Membership Goals - see attached Vision/Mission Statement
  9. Leadership development - Reference binder - no formal training or recruitment. We ask for volunteers. The Chair position typically lasts for 1 year.
  10. Trainings presented, received - We have conducted trainings within our POD group including:
    1. Mediation training and benefits
    2. Mortgage - impact of current economy
    3. Informal trainings as members bring back what they learned at a conference to the group
  11. Protocols - We do not have formal protocols for our POD group, however we submitted a set of protocols to CPIM Board for review (prior year). Also see attached Vision/Mission Statement.
  12. Case Experience - Many of our members have been involved with at least one or more "Collaborative" cases (or a piece of it).
  13. See pdf- Vision/Mission Statement

Submitted by Debbie Krone, liaison for the

Washtenaw County POD group

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