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Logan J Mackensen

Mackensen Law and Mackensen Mediation, PLLC
32400 Telegraph Road, Suite 200 Bingham Farms, MI 48025
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Mackensen Mediation, PLLC was founded as a result of Logan’s desire to use her extensive and diverse education and her variety of work experience and legal training to benefit others. She now offers her help to you.

As a trial attorney, Logan spent many years advising clients on the possible scenarios and outcomes they were facing and on the merits of their cases. She reached many successful settlements for clients, and where appropriate, tried many cases through to jury trial.

As a real estate property owner and manager, managing almost 10,000 residential units, Logan gained an entirely new viewpoint. Instead of being an advisor, advocate or an outside observer, Logan had the opportunity to learn and understand litigation from a client’s perspective. She can see things, unbiased, from the Landlord’s as well as the Tenant’s point of view; the husband’s and the wife’s; the Plaintiff’s and the Defendant’s.

Logan knew she wanted to use her 17 years of hard work and her skills and strategies she obtained in managing relationships and communications to mediate disputes.

Logan’s unique perspective now helps her understand the benefits and detriments of a case as well as recognize the quality of arguments presented, and she enjoys honestly and creatively guiding litigants and their lawyers towards amicable resolutions of their disputes.

As a volunteer mediator at Oakland Mediation Center, Logan quickly discovered that her true passion lies in family/domestic relations mediation, especially when children are involved. Although Logan was a child of divorce, she was shocked and appalled to see how frequently, carelessly, and foolishly children are negatively impacted and dragged down by divorce and how even the most well-meaning parents can lose sight of the forest for the trees, at the expensive of their children.

Logan has been divorced herself, having resolved her matter after a complicated but well-crafted mediation. Logan has two daughters from her first marriage and is happily re-married with two stepsons. She has spent the last three years embracing the challenges and mastering the skills of co-parenting, which she and her ex-husband do beautifully, for the benefit of their daughters. She is confident she can assist others in getting to that same, cohesive, peaceful, and productive place.

Logan is direct in all matters and gets to the bottom of what is really motivating parties. She seeks resolutions based on facts, evidence and reality. She will work tirelessly to bridge the gap between negotiation and agreement. She is, creative, passionate, determined, and eager to assist! Let Logan help to create a solution that works.